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What is Ordr.in?

Ordr.in is a simple, modern way to take orders from your website and mobile app. Our food ordering system embeds directly in your site- no links or other brands getting in the way.

How do I get orders?

Orders can be faxed and emailed (or both) to your restaurant. You'll get an autodial call to confirm everything is all set.

What if there is a problem with an order?

This is an order from your customer, just give them a call. We won't get in your way. But if you need us, we are standing by to help via email and phone.

How do I get paid?

You get paid same day directly into a dedicated account. No delays, no checks lost in the mail.

Do you offer marketing help?

Yes! We promote your menu and the ability to order in local directories, with pharma sales reps, to hotel guests and on all sorts of mobile apps and websites. Lots of exposure.

What does it cost?

For Ordr.in we offer two plans. $59/month gives you unlimited free orders from your website and app or pay-as-you-go with 10% commission. Restaurants that are new to online ordering generally do better with the commission plan. Orders from our marketing system are always charged at 10%. Setup is $199.

Can I update my menu when I need to change it?

Absolutely. You'll have an account page where you can manage changes to your menu including adding, deleting, or editing individual menu items.

How do I get started?

Registration takes about five minutes. Give us basic info about your restaurant, create a simple payments account and upload your menu. We do everything else. You'll be ready to take orders in about three days. Easy breezy, get started now!